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    52 years of
    exclusive EMS expertise

    Highly trained and committed billing and compliance teams.
    Now offered to EMS & Emergency Agencies.

Committed to Success

We are proud to offer our exclusive expertise to EMS agencies for the first time ever. For 52 years, Jan-Care has remained a highly respected, family-owned and operated EMS agency.

Leading Billing & Compliance Teams

We take pride in our highly trained and committed billing and compliance teams These departments are collaboratively operated by a group of professionals committed to its success.

Experts by Experience

We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome EMS industry obstacles while remaining profitable and sustainable. Now offering our succesful processes to EMS/Emergency agencies.

Leading Expertise

Setting High Standards for EMS Billing, Compliance & Account Management

Jan-Care provides billing solutions to the complex task of ambulance billing and collections while following a high standard of compliance. Our medical billing, compliance, and account management staff stay updated on continuously changing Medicare and insurance rules and regulations. In addition, Jan-Care Diversified follows all HIPAA privacy and security regulations very stringently.

Ensuring staff compliance

Onsite Documentation

Documentation is an essential part of EMS billing. Jan-Care prides itself in offering top-of-the-line training to all of our customers. Our training department focuses on providing the skills to crew members to effectively document a patient's trip sheet to support the level of service required for billing. Additionally, the training focuses on how to determine and support the medical necessity for the transport and the lack of medical necessity if appropriate.

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